Monday, May 17, 2010

What happens in Mexico, stays in the UK

Multiple choice question - which of the following did not happen to me in Mexico?
A) Someone in the UK played stealy stealy with my credit card number
B) Hubby's identity thieved and credit card automatically cancelled
C) Jellyfish got kinda friendly with my legs
D) Nose re-piercing incident stemming from some (unsuccessful) boogie boarding
E) All of the above happened. Cheers.

Ding, ding, ding. If you guessed "E," you've won the big prize, which is the satisfaction of realizing that these things can only happen to yours truly.

Not that the vacation was bad by any stretch of the imagination. It was a much-needed almost-week of laying on the beach, gorging myself on beverages that contained both rum and the moniker "Especial," and more food than should be humanly possible to consume. But these few ... we say ... glitches came up and made things a little more stressful than a beach vacation should be.

Fortunately, all was straightened out with the two credit card companies (although not until we were back stateside), though it was a bit un-nerving to be stuck in a foreign country with nothing but a checkbook linked to a meager account. Especially when the jellyfish struck and we thought for a while I'd need to seek medical treatment. Mainly we were disappointed about not having our credit cards to use at the duty free (which was a moot issue because our connecting flight was closed to purchases by the time our first plane landed). Basically, instead of stressing, we just drank more rum. And pineapple juice. Lots of pineapple juice. And coated ourselves in sunscreen like it was nobody's business. As a result, no burns...and also, no color.

In truth, though, the resort was beautiful, the ocean was calm and friendly (a little too friendly there, Mr. Jelly McGee) and we had a great time just chilling, hanging out, and watching Alf creepily dubbed en espanol. We also tried sushi for the first time (and second time, talk about deeeelish). Also, we discovered that peacocks are awesome, and free-range peacocks are exponentially more awesome, and that ostriches are always angry. I also re-established my love of hermit crabs and Canadians. Go figure.

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