Sunday, May 9, 2010

On This Day of Mothers...

Since I am on a plane, bound for paradise and rum and all-inclusive wonderment, I found it fitting to pay tribute to the reason I am here (literally, she dropped me off at the airport): my mom.

I don't even think she knows this blog exists, but I do, and in honor of the holiday, I felt it only fitting to honor her appropriately. So, Mom, if you ever read this, or know that I have a blog, or what a blog is, this one's for you.

Thanks for instilling in me early on a love of bargain-hunting that is worthy of its own show on TLC. My retail-therapy engaging self appreciates that you taught me early on that 30% off is NOT a clearance, and that paying full price for anything is for suckers.

Thanks for letting me be brave enough to embrace my nerdhood through all those awkward pre-teen/teen/okay still now years that had voices from everywhere telling me that what I liked was uncool. You made it okay for me to prefer the History Channel to E! and libraries to dance clubs. Rock on.

Thanks for thinking that you still want me around and even hanging out with your friends, even though I'm a total dweeb. I realize that I think I'm awesome, but it's nice to have backup.

Thanks for teaching me that politeness is always important, but if someone is doin' you wrong, from salespeople to friends to family, you best be willing to defend yourself.

Thanks for instilling in me the value of an education, and for insisting that I could be a pole dancer if I wanted to, but I'd better dang well be a college-educated pole dancer.

Mostly, thanks for just being awesome. You rule.

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