Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Roll, (Yule) Tide, Roll

Christmas spirit doesn't really settle in to our house until we've viewed our favorite Yuletide classic. No, not It's A Wonderful Life.
The holiday season starts at our house with A Very Brady Christmas.
Don't get me wrong. I love me some Christmas movies - and TV specials, and cartoons, etc. I even count White Christmas among my favorite movies of all time, regardless of the season. And it's not like I am a particularly big Brady Bunch fan, because I'm not. I just really, really dig AVBC.
Fortunately for me, I married a man who both understands and appreciates this. Unfortunately for me, the rest of the world still has yet to discover the magic. The movie is not available on DVD, and unless you catch it when it airs during the holiday season (which is usually at an absurd time like 9 a.m. on a Wednesday or something), you, too, will miss the enchantment of one of America's greatest TV families, reuniting in the spirit of the season (unless you DVR it and save it for a year....just a suggestion).
After the annual Brady bash, I can fully delve into the shopping and wrapping and other Xmas-y festivities.

So do yourself a favor - check in with Carol, Mike and the gang. See what old Alice is up to. Get a glimpse of Peter (before he went off and married that Joliet model). Pay particular attention to his questionable choice of nightwear...Yule be glad you did:)

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