Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Fought the '09 Swiney and Other Minor Accomplishments

Even though I hate year-end wrap ups, even I am not immune to the charm of kissing the old year goodbye by recapping the highlights.

* I fought the Swiney, and I won: Late October had me up to my elbows in haunted house work, and then had the haunted house staff up to their bloody limbs in H1N1. Over the course of the week, 80 percent of the crew was hit by the Swiney. But with Airborne and surgical masks in hand, we still got the job done. Way to pirate up, staff:)

* Grad school? Eh, why not: Three years after getting my undergrad diploma sent to me in the mail, I decided I couldn't live with myself if I didn't get a Master's in something. Library Science, it is. Hopefully the degree (which I actually start in January) teaches me...something.

* A little less wise: After putting it off for the better part of a decade, I caved and had my impacted wisdom teeth pulled. Good drugs plus a diet of mashed potatoes and ice cream? Can I do it again in 2010?

* Crotchety crochet: About two weeks before Christmas, I got the genius idea to teach myself to crochet. Which was a perfect compliment to my mad jewelry-making skills that I have been tediously putting to use...look for more new projects and items up on my other blog sometime this winter.

* It's only a quarter-life crisis if you buy a new car: This year, I got my nose pierced, chopped off my hair into a fab mod 'do and put purple streaks in it, completely re-vamped my wardrobe and re-evaluated what I want my sense of style to be. For me, it was a big deal. Let's see if I can keep being a little bit fabulous on a daily basis in 2010... I also bought a new car.

* Life has approved your friend request: I made a conscious effort this year to both be a better friend and require better from my friends. I've been blessed to discover some wonderful people in my life, both old friends and new, and I've learned that if a friendship is so fragile that it can't stay standing when the boat is rocked, perhaps it's not strong enough to withstand the test of time, either.

Auld lang syne, everyone. Stay safe and have a happy 2010.

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