Thursday, July 30, 2009

Selling Out

Every year (apparently) my subdivision has a garage sale. They do all the advertising, and anyone who wants to have a sale can piggyback on, instead of having to get permits, make signs, etc. themselves. Plus, since it's a multi-home sale, it's bound to grab more action.

Last year (less than two months after we moved into the new place, mind you), I seriously toyed with the idea of setting up shop, only to find that the date was a Saturday I was working at my real job. I pushed the notion aside, thinking that I'd do it this year.

One of the bad things about my homeowners' association is that they have a problem with getting information out in a ...timely matter. So, I got the notice about this year's sale date about 8 days before the sale. To confound matters further, I got the notice in the mail the same day I had my wisdom teeth out, meaning, I was not in the right mind when I thought a week was more than enough time to throw a garage sale together.

By "throw" I mean strategically place, price and design a layout that would rival many of the second-hand shops I frequent, with specially printed signs, a beverage stand and leather fanny pack that I have proudly sported on several occasions (including, but not limited to, a bar crawl celebrating college graduation).

We brought in a decent amount, got rid of the dining room table we hated and cleaned out some other random junk we had either accumulated since the move or brought with us. And I had several bags of clothes, shoes, purses, etc. I wanted to get rid of (if only to make room for new...more about that in another post).

Bottom line - I'd totally do it again. Maybe not while recovering from surgery, maybe not with the assistance of codeine, but certainly again.

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