Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On being a bad wife, #1

I'm probably in the minority on this one, but I actually like cleaning. It's therapeutic, it makes me feel productive, and it keeps us from having our home condemned by the health department.

Since I work fewer hours than the Hubbs, (and since I know the difference between glass cleaner and laundry detergent) I usually do a once over during the week at some point, but the past month little while I haven't really felt up to it, between two sinus infections and a ton of excuses.

I knew it was bad though, today, when I get a phone call from the Hubbs while I'm at work, asking where the cleaning stuff was.

That's right, kids. I have become so negligent in cleaning habits that my gross, lived-with-four-guys-in-college, it's-okay-to-eat-that-the-dog-licked-it-clean husband was disgusted by our bathroom.

A new high, I tell you.

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